Saturday, October 6, 2012

whoops-to be censored :)

Caleb picked up the phrase "oh crap" somewhere.
He had been giving me a hard time when I used the phrase "oh booger", saying "MOM! Boogers are Gross! Don't say that!".  So when Caleb started his phrase, I told him he could not say it. When he used it again and didn't understand what was wrong with it, I preceded to tell him that the word crap meant poop - which is much ickier than boogers.

I hadn't heard the newest phrase for a week or two, when Caleb yells from the bathroom...
"Mom, while I poop is it ok to say Oh Crap?" I answered with, um, well... and then I hear him sing-song saying "oh crap, oh crap, oh crap," in his cute 3.5 year old high voice. Good thing I wasn't near, cause you better believe it was quite humorous! I just had to be proud of Caleb for making a connection to what I had told him a couple weeks ago! Too funny!

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