Friday, January 8, 2010

Should of known

After 14.5 months, and 12 teeth, one would think, as Caleb's mother, I would have this all figured out!!! But no, for many random nights Caleb has been struggling to sleep through the night, waking up fitful or screaming. Did the thought - he's probably teething go through my head - nope. I thought that this was a "phase". Wouldn't you know though, Jon found two new teeth in Caleb's mouth a couple days ago and then a third one came in the next day!!! And get this - one was basically already fully grown!!! Oy! How did we miss that!? One of his eye teeth is already in and the other two have just broken through.

Caleb has been eating very well lately. He did go through a "phase" of only wanting to eat yogurt, cheese, and bread. But lately he is enjoying his fruits and veggies again! His favorites lately are pears, apples, pineapple and corn, which he will eat like candy. He has also taken again to peas, tomatoes, and peaches. I'm also excited to learn that one of his favorite snacks is dried fruit. He's been spending a lot of his car rides and time in church eating raisins & craisins. I picked up some tropical fruit for him to try this week at church, hopefully he likes them!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

A Little more celebrating

Happy 12th day of Christmas!

We were blessed with a couple more Christmas celebrations after Christmas day. Since we left early to avoid bad weather, we waited to do our small celebration until we got home. Mainly the gifts were all for Caleb :) It was hard to keep it down to just a small number of gifts. I've never had such a good time picking out presents! From Mommy and Daddy he got a lot of books, a wooden semi, Little People race track, and Caleb's favorite gift-a tool set.

Caleb was very excited to open presents. With so many Christmas celebrations this year, he became quite good at tearing the paper. He was definetly more excited about the gifts that were wrapped, versus the gifts in a giftbag.

(Daddy picked this gift out, and was quite excited about it... more so than Caleb - lol!)

We then had our last celebration with Oma, Opa, Aunt Rachael and Uncle Ethan. Caleb's favorites were the wii that Rachael brought over for us to play (he loved watching the ball in bowling) & the broom he got from Rachael.

This broom is now attached to Caleb's hip. He takes it with him everywhere he goes. Now, if only the sweeping he did, actually made a difference to the floors!

Returning home from O-town, we spent a relaxing day around the house. It was New Year's day afterall. And yes, much of the day was in our pj's, but it's hard to be motivated to change Caleb into other clothes when he looks so darn-tootin' cute in his footie pajamas!!! His favorite toy in the house the last few weeks has been our Fisher Price Little People manger set. He prefers playing with the Camel, donkey, and goat the most! There is a small bin that holds fake hay. One day I taught him that the animals eat the hay and I made an eating noise; so now he holds the animals up to the hay and says "mnananamamana" - it's a hoot!
God's Blessings to all of our family and friends in this New Year!
Here's to a very happy 2010!