Wednesday, May 27, 2009


I rarely smile.
It's too bad I'm not a happy kid!

A little about me

Thanks Dad for posting pictures!
Now here is a little more about me in the last week or two...

1. Rolling over is the best - especially when my diaper is being changed. I love to see what I can find behind me!

2. I am becoming a pro at crawling! (see video below) Zooming around the house is so much fun and now I can find Mom and Dad when they are trying to hide.

3. There is another tooth in my mouth! My top tooth broke through when I was trying to take a nap. Mom was a little freaked out when she saw blood in my crib - I had popped the gums with my bottom teeth when I was crying.

4. Two days ago I pulled myself up to a standing position on the couch. I really wanted to pet Copper--I just had to get to her!

5. Food is becoming a great hobby of mine! Vegetables are my favorite to eat (even for breakfast!), but I also enjoy some fruit every once in awhile. I've also started eating chunks of food - bananas, whole peas, and puffed rice snacks. The rice snacks are my favorite. I could eat those anytime of day!

6. I'm finally getting the hang of sleeping in my crib. Last night I even went to bed WITHOUT crying. I usually turn onto my stomach to sleep and when Mom & Dad hear me wake up I'm always sitting up waiting for them - I figure there's no reason to keep laying there - I've got things to do!

7. Grass - yum. Dirt - even better. Enough said.

8. Bath time is a lot of fun. I love singing Splish Splash I was Taking a Bath with Mom and splashing along to the song.

9. Long walks in my stroller are probably my favorite thing. I sit up straight, always so happy looking at the trees and feeling the breeze. We've even stopped on our walks at the park. I got to go down a slide and go swinging!

10. I will admit, I'm one handsome little boy! My hair is coming in a little fuller, I'm tall and skinny, my smile is to die for, and woman just always seem drawn to me (see my pic with my friend, Madalyn, on the Daddy Daycare blog!)

My crib

I nap in my crib...
...and sleep here most of the night!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Watch me go!!

I can crawl!
(I'm trying to play in the puppy's water bowl...)

Thursday, May 7, 2009

2 small teeth, 1 big smile

Caleb started getting his first teeth about a month ago, but now they are really visible.

He loves showing us his toothy grin and giving a big laugh. It's always so contagious and is probably one of the best things to see and hear in the world.