Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Our little monkey

Happy Halloween! Oo-oo-aa-aa-ee-ee!
Having fun at the church Trunk-or-treat celebration.
I tried playing football and searching for treasure in the shredded paper.

This is my stylish look after taking off the monkey costume!

Do you like my hair? Do you like my blue mouth!?
I got a hold of a blue sucker during trunk-or-treating - it took a while before I set it down and looked away - that's when Mom snatched it and threw it away before I saw it again.


This is "Yah-yah," aka. Caleb's friend Cayden!
Cayden and Caleb are so much fun to watch playing together and interacting.
For a long time we kept hearing "yah-yah" in the house, and then realized that is what Cayden calls Caleb, and thus Caleb calls Cayden the same.
Caleb is Cayden's little echo.
Very humerous.
Here are some pics of them enjoying the drums together...

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Happy 1st Birthday!!!

We had a great time celebrating Caleb's 1st Birthday on Sunday.

We had 17 people for lunch and jungle animal cake. Caleb wore a "It's fun to be one" t-shirt along with a bright smile all day. He loved all of his presents - everyone was so generous! Everyone also brought something to put into a time capsule that Caleb will open on his 21st birthday.
Jon and I (Mara) feel so blessed to have such a healthy, active, good-looking little man. This has been one of the best years ever! It's hard to imagine our house before he was in it. God has given us such a gift and we thank you all for letting us share him with you!

Here are some pics from the great day!