Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween costumes

Caleb's first Halloween...what do you think he'll dress up as today? (nothing yet...or all the costumes would be dirty before trick or treating tonight) Will he be a pumpkin? The pope? A rabbi? The Michelin Man? Peyton Manning? A doughnut? A hula dancer? Lawrence of Arabia? The Incredible Hulk?

And will the puppies dress up?!

How about Jon's Luv Bug...?

Stop by tonight for some candy and find out! (or check back on the blog tomorrow, if you live more than 5 miles away from the World's Largest Strawberry)

Happy Halloween!
And Be Orange! (all you Wartburg College folks...)

Thursday, October 30, 2008

New discoveries

Caleb has had lots of new things lately...

He now has eyebrows! You still have to look closely, but they are there!
He has lost his umbilical cord.
He slept all night in his bassinet Wednesday night!!!! (Other than feeding time of course)
He had three clothing changes within an hour this morning due to leaking diapers - his record thus far.
And he has a new friend! Cayden is almost 7 months old and towers in comparison to Caleb. It's amazing how quickly babies grow!

Sunday, October 26, 2008


This weekend has been quite busy. We had a whole bunch of visitors from Mara's family. Rachael (sister) was able to come for two days which was really nice since we don't get to see her much. She gave Caleb the cutest tigger rattle and a fun shirt...

On Saturday, Mara's Dad, Grandma, and second cousin-Barb came for the afternoon. This is the first great grandchild on my Dad's side and they are thrilled!

Great Grandma O

Four Generations

Today we went to church for the first time with Caleb and everyone was excited to see him. The big question of the morning - "Are you getting sleep!?" - The answer is "some". Caleb seems to have his day and night mixed up, so he sleeps like an angel during the day and is wide eyed all night. Hopefully we can get this changed soon!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Oh the joys!

Caleb is fully breaking mommy in with things coming out of all ends!
Last night I was feeding him and the next thing I know, my stomach felt wet... his diaper was leaking and it was going all over me! Jon got a good laugh about it!
And then today was my first "fountain" experience - I was changing his diaper and had just reached for another wipe when I noticed a stream of water shooting everywhere! As soon as I got it cleaned quick and a diaper under his rear, he pooped without the diaper closed - it sure was a close one!!! However, once again, daddy got a good laugh out of it. I'm glad I can be of such assistance to my husband's enjoyment in life. :)

More hospital pictures

Here are a few more pics from the hospital.

Aunt Katie's froggy outfit. Caleb loves to fold up like a frog against our chests.


My cuddle bug

The beautiful hospital gown and the adorable Caleb

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

We're Home!!!

His first weight 8#9, when we left the hospital he was only 7#12
2 minutes old - with quite the lungs!

We arrived home safely today around noon. The dogs were ecstatic to see us, and we were very excited to show Caleb to his home for the first time. Here are some pics of our hospital visit...

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

3 days old

It's funny how plans change...we're staying one more day at the hospital.
Caleb has been slightly jaundice, and has lost some weight while getting started with feeding. But he is healthy. So tomorrow should be the homecoming. So stay tuned for pics!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Birth Announcement!

Caleb Isaiah
born on Saturday, October 18, 2:10pm
8 lbs, 9 oz
21.5 inches
Our beautiful baby boy is strong and healthy. Mom and dad are enjoying spending time with Caleb while resting up at the hospital. We will be going home tomorrow. Check back for pics in the next couple days!
We arrived at the hospital on Friday morning, and after an all night labor (starting in earnest about 9pm), a c-section was performed on Saturday afternoon. Mara is sore from the surgery, but recovering well. Dad and mom are both tired. Mara's hi light, besides the birth of Caleb, was a shower on Sunday!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Not so soon

Well, I have an appointment tomorrow morning to see if they will induce. As of Tuesday, the doctor decided it wouldn't be best to induce until Monday unless I showed any progress at all. Caleb just really wants to stay in there! But for sure they will force him out starting Monday if he hasn't come by then.

We would really like this to happen naturally though. Please keep us in your prayers as we anticipate this last weekend of pregnancy.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

The infamous belly

Here are a couple pics Jon took last night - enjoy!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Maybe he is bound to stay in there forever! Although, the doctor said if he doesn't make an appearance by the 17th than I will most likely be induced that day. So only a week and a half left maximum - but please pray he comes sooner!!! My sanity is at stake here! Plus, I'm sure I'm driving Jon and my students crazy by now!

On the upside - I'm going to try and post some pictures of the nursery. Just to make sure I know how to post a pic before Caleb arrives.

Happy Wednesday everyone.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

It's October

Ok, so he'll be an October baby for sure. Although, yesterday the doctor measured me almost 2 less inches than last week - the baby has dropped! Which I knew for sure since pants and shirts I wore just last week no longer fit and now show my tummy...oy.