Monday, December 21, 2009

Words, words, words

A couple of weeks ago, Jon and I sat down to write out all of the words Caleb has been playing with. We have been quite impressed with his vocabulary. Both Jon and I didn't really start talking until about the age of 2 - so Caleb must be trying to show us up! Below is a list of all his words and a short video of some of his jabberin'. The list now totals 44 words at 14 months.

ah-one (all done)* more* mommy daddy Izzy Anna Annie Where go? (Where did it go?)* Door baby duck moo woof meow baa no yes* puppy na-na (night-night) ba-ba (bottle)* cheese please* tha-you (thank you)* up book* box ya-ya (small kids) shoe sock shirt bath bubb (bubbles) poopy boo hi buh-bye (bye-bye)* uh-oh pants mine own (down)* brrr* Non (Jon) da-ta (ta-da) that

* uses sign language with this word

Caleb's hat

Playtime with the big black fireman hat!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

1st time sledding!

Jon and I took Caleb out for his first time sledding on Saturday.
Caleb wasn't too sure about what we were getting him into...
But he quickly started enjoying himself!
Caleb would giggle all the way down the hill and make noises if we hit big bumps.
Mara & Caleb wore their new winter hats!
Caleb really enjoys playing in the snow. He tries to hit it and then when it gets stuck on his mittens, he tries to eat the snow.
Jon & Caleb walking up the hill - it was the perfect size - not too big, not too small.
Mara's Good-Lookin' Boys!!!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Schack Christmas '09

The Schack family celebrated Christmas during Thanksgiving weekend.

Here are some pics during the wonderful time we spent with them!

Grandpa found a big box for Caleb to play with. He had so much fun hiding the puppy in the box and saying "boo"!

My FIRST nutmeg log!!! A Schack cookie tradition.

Daddy, Caleb, Cousin Anna, & Aunt Katie behind the stockings

One of my favorite gifts - a vacuum!

"Where go?" Playing hide the ball with Anna.

Anna in the tutu Mara made for her. She adored looking at the Christmas tree lights.

"Hi-ah!" I'm learning how to cut fruit with my new fruit & knife set. Hearing mommy say "Hi-Yah" gives me the giggles.

Whoops - an apple is hiding in my hood...