Sunday, September 26, 2010

Big Boy Bed!!!

Caleb's New Big Boy Bed!!!

Testing out my new bed (it was in the living room until Mom could get it upstairs).

"I go night-night"... this is so much fun!
Reeeeeach for that book! I've been doing the same thing in my room.

Caleb absolutely loves his new Big Boy Bed, but it hasn't been so easy for Mom and Dad! He's very anxious to jump in (and on) the bed, so all of the routine he has had for a long time has gone completely out of the window. Hopefully we get one soon!!! He is sleeping in his bed, and is excited to be able to get out by himself in the morning, the problem is getting him to fall asleep without a big to-do!

Pumpkins and Wagons

 Going to help Mommy in the back garden...
 Just me and my little red wagon...
 Look at the pumpkins we grew!
 Can we put a pumpkin in my wagon???
 It fits! Now, I just have to pull it to the house...
 "Too heavy Mommy"...
 Pulling the pumpkins up to the house...
Mommy and me with our red wagons...

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A day in the life of Caleb

Play-Doh time with my best-friend,
Ya Ya (aka. Cayden)

Daddy's sandals... I put them on by myself, too!
...things were good until I tripped over my Elmo book

Helping Daddy in the dirt


throw it!! (look closely--the dirt's really in the air)

Windy days are great for bubbles!
(I haven't quite gotten the hang of blowing them myself...)

Scissors 101 with Daddy


yes, I stamped pink bunnies on my cheeks.
And the blond highlights? Yep, they're natural.
This is my "I've- been-playing-hard-all-day-sweaty-look"

me and my monkey scissors

....and time for bed.