Monday, March 5, 2012


We like to save not only money, but the Drama of Caleb getting a haircut, so I've been doing it myself. In the past he's been Extremely squirmy, but he is actually getting a little better. It was time to give him a haircut - bangs were about in his eyes and hair was over his ears. Although the top of his hair started hanging towards the side and looked cute, but I'm just too nervous to let it grow any longer! He sure does look different after - older, which isn't good because he's growing up fast enough as it is!

Caleb enjoyed this haircut because we gave him a "cape". It was too big a neckline to Velcro so we had to tie it which was quite exciting for a 3 yr. Old who has started to worship superheroes.
Before Haircut with his "cape"
Couple days after haircut - being silly  :)