Sunday, November 11, 2012


A big smile to my day:
Anytime Caleb says "frooof" instead of "phew" when something was a close call. He does the whole hand wiping against his forehead and everything. It is so stinkin' cute!!!


Grow or throw

Today Caleb was pretending to teach me letters. He was obviously following the format his daycare teacher uses. :)
He said "we are learning the letter f, now flow a feather off your hand like this to make the f sound."
This reminded me how I rarely have to remind him now how to say the "th" sound. My favorite was when he would say "throw the ball"-it always came out "grow the ball".
Although I'm happy he hopefully won't have speech impediments by the time he gets to kindergarten, I'm gouge to miss his fun speech quirks...

*Mara aka: Mama or Mommy