Sunday, October 7, 2012

Church humor

Two funnies from today:

Leaving church, Dad went to open the door when Caleb yelled, "Dad! I want to use the plunger!" aka-the handicap door button!

Caleb has been singing a bunch of the songs from Sunday school today. I had to think twice though when I heard the word "Santa". "This little light of mine, I'm gonna let it shine. Won't let SANTA blow it out...". I then tried explain the word satan - he was still a little confused when I heard "Santa should be put in jail!"

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Cheese smile

We have upcoming family pictures which makes a mom excited and quite nervous. Excited because we haven't had family pics since Caleb was a baby. Nervous because Mr. Caleb has hit the cheese smile and/or look everywhere but the camera stage, which could make for a long hour. I'll be happy to get at least one family and one 4 yr old picture with his "real" smile!

Here are some random pics off of my phone from recent events. Many have his goofy faces. Although our twins baseball game family pic turned out great-but it was a total fluke! He moved at the very end of the picture and we thought for sure a blur was all we got-we now just wish the pic was on our real camera!

whoops-to be censored :)

Caleb picked up the phrase "oh crap" somewhere.
He had been giving me a hard time when I used the phrase "oh booger", saying "MOM! Boogers are Gross! Don't say that!".  So when Caleb started his phrase, I told him he could not say it. When he used it again and didn't understand what was wrong with it, I preceded to tell him that the word crap meant poop - which is much ickier than boogers.

I hadn't heard the newest phrase for a week or two, when Caleb yells from the bathroom...
"Mom, while I poop is it ok to say Oh Crap?" I answered with, um, well... and then I hear him sing-song saying "oh crap, oh crap, oh crap," in his cute 3.5 year old high voice. Good thing I wasn't near, cause you better believe it was quite humorous! I just had to be proud of Caleb for making a connection to what I had told him a couple weeks ago! Too funny!

Caleb-"isms" with Dad

Dad's recent Memorable Caleb-"isms"

Saturday morning...
This weekend started out early, with Caleb's walking into our room and announcing: 
"Look, It's 11 plus 6!" (or 6:11am) 

The other morning... 
"Dad, why were you walking by my room last night with a treasure chest?" 
Dad: "...what treasure chest?...!"
Caleb: You know, that big treasure chest."
Dad: "Ohhhhh.... the bass drum case??"
Caleb: "Huh?"
Dad: "Are you talking about the big black case I was carrying by your bedroom?"
Caleb: "Yes, where did you put the treasure chest?!"