Monday, May 23, 2011

bye-bye beetle

Daddy decided it was time to part with the beetle... but first, a little play time...

Once we finally got him to sit in his seat, we went for our last ride...
Caleb didn't last too long...

Goodbye Pre-baby Beetle!
We enjoyed you but now must move on to other things like lawn mowers and swing sets!

Family shots

Caleb came to one of his first concerts (other than school concerts).
He sat with Opa and Oma to watch a Big Band show at the Elkader Opera House.
He did a great job! His favorite song now is "Don't Sit Under the Apple Tree" which Mom sang during the show.

The Schack and the Martin-Hiner Family
We're going to miss them SOOOO much when we move to WI.

We didn't get a photo at Easter, so this was a good day when we all looked nice at church.
It was our last day at Emmanuel as a family. We will miss it there.

Playing catch-up!

I know I've been away from posting about Caleb for FAR TOO LONG! But I'm going to try to make amends and post a bunch of pics. I won't get completely updated, but I'll at least get some fun ones in here!

Some March and April 2011 Pics...

Daddy is assembling Caleb's very first bike! Caleb is ecstatic!

Test driving inside

It took a bit, but he started to get the hang of it

Playing with "pay-do" - loves the stuff!

Caleb lined all of he cars up on the couch. They're each facing the same way and were in really good lines.
Mom and Dad were impressed!

Spending time with Dad before the big move to WI

Dying Easter Eggs - Caleb had a BLAST and did a great job.
I wish I had gotten a picture of his hands though - one was bright red and the other bright purple!

Caleb LOVED Easter eggs and everything that came with them - the basket, pulling them apart, and the treats to be found inside - especially when he found his "Marty's" (Smarties), his absolute favorite candy.